Haiyu Mao

Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich


ETZ H64, ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35

8092 Zurich, Switzerland

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the SAFARI Research Group led by Prof. Onur Mutlu at ETH Zurich. Before that, I was a Ph.D. in the Storage Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and supervised by Prof. Jiwu Shu. I received my bachelor degree at Northeastern University in China.

My research interests include:

  • Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
  • NVM Security
  • NVM-based Processing-In-Memory (PIM)
  • PIM-based Machine Learning Accelerator
  • PIM for Bioinformatics

Besides research, I like hiking, calligraphy, and delicious food!


Nov 10, 2022 Our paper “NEON: Enabling Efficient Support for Nonlinear Operations in Resistive RAM-based Neural Network Accelerators” is online.
Oct 2, 2022 I presented our paper “GenPIP: In-Memory Acceleration of Genome Analysis via Tight Integration of Basecalling and Read Mapping” at MICRO 2022.
Aug 19, 2022 Our survey paper “From molecules to genomic variations: Accelerating genome analysis via intelligent algorithms and architectures” is online.

selected publications

  1. MICRO
    GenPIP: In-Memory Acceleration of Genome Analysis via Tight Integration of Basecalling and Read Mapping
    Haiyu Mao, Mohammed Alser, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Can Firtina, Akanksha Baranwal, Damla Senol Cali, Aditya Manglik, Nour Almadhoun Alserr, and Onur Mutlu
    MICRO 2022
  2. TC
    LrGAN: A Compact and Energy Efficient PIM-Based Architecture for GAN Training
    Haiyu Mao, Jiwu Shu, Mingcong Song, and Tao Li
    IEEE Transactions on Computers 2020
  3. MICRO
    Lergan: A zero-free, low data movement and pim-based gan architecture
    Haiyu Mao, Mingcong Song, Tao Li, Yuting Dai, and Jiwu Shu
    In 2018 51st Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture 2018
  4. DATE
    Protect non-volatile memory from wear-out attack based on timing difference of row buffer hit/miss
    Haiyu Mao, Xian Zhang, Guangyu Sun, and Jiwu Shu
    In Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition 2017
  5. NVMSA
    Exploring data placement in racetrack memory based scratchpad memory
    Haiyu Mao, Chao Zhang, Guangyu Sun, and Jiwu Shu
    In IEEE Non-Volatile Memory System and Applications Symposium 2015